I n order for Michael to properly market your home, both he and you must work together. His commitment to you, in the professional marketing of your property, is consistently handled through a communication and marketing plan.

Michael Parsons

Michael is a sales Representative working under the Royal LePage Realty Plus. His specialty is sales and negotiation and he is truly committed to making the sale of your home as seamless as possible. Michael has over 25 years experience in the industry and has achieved many important sales awards throughout his distinguished career including the Highest production Award at his former company.

Not willing to rest on past achievements, Michael is actively involved in every aspect of selling of your home. He oversees the fine details as well as the bigger marketing objectives for selling your home quickly.

Michael can be reached at any time at through the contact information listed.


Marketing is important to us and an important tool used in selling your home is the use of a “For sale” sign. The “For sale” sign will be placed in a conspicuous location on your property and in some instances additional signs such as the internet web address for your home listing will be used to augment the main one on your property. This usually happens within one to two business days of you signing the listing. Once an offer is secured on your property, and all conditions have been waived (the sale is “firm”), the sign will be changed to “sold”. The “sold” sign will remain on your property for approximately two weeks after the sale.

Colour Brochure

A key element of the marketing effort is a comprehensive colour brochure promoting the many features of your home. This involves taking detailed notes of your property including professionally shot interior and exterior photographs. If there is any information you would like to have included in the brochure, please be sure to notify Michael right away.

The professionally designed colour brochure will be completed within four to five business days of you signing the listing. Please take time to review the brochure, for any inaccuracies or errors. Any revisions will be reflected on our next reprinting. Please call Michael if you need more brochures and allow a couple of business days for reprinting.


Your home will be adver tised using the most appropriate media for your home, which may include Michael’s proven choices for print advertising are the Homes & Lands Magazine, Mississauga news/ Oakville Beaver, Home news, Prestige Properties by Home news and Prestige Homes by the Toronto star. As appropriate, ads may appear in the national Post and Globe & Mail. No two homes are identical and the advertising chosen is based on Michael’s considerable experience in driving results for your home. In some cases Michael will use direct mail postcards to further market your home.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

After signing the listing, your property’s information will be broker-loaded onto the MLS computer system, which will show on the next available “Hot sheet”. your information is now available to all Agents with access to MLS. Information is loaded onto the MLS system (realtor.ca) Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 2:00pm only. Therefore, any listings signed on the weekend or holidays will not appear on the MLs system until the next business day. Buyers often will see your listing on realtor. ca and then call for additional details. This is an invaluable cross- marketing tool.

Agent’s Open House

The best exposure for your home is to allow as many agents as possible to view it. In order to facilitate this, the Toronto Real Estate Board holds “Agent’s Open Houses” 10:00am to 12:00pm on a regular schedule for your home area. All open houses will be catered with refreshments and food. Michael will follow up with you to give you all agent feedback.


One of the best marketing tools is the internet. Most prospective buyers will carefully review homes using the internet before choosing which ones they will visit in person. Your listing will appear within a few days of being loaded onto the MLS system. MichaelParsons.com is Michael’s personal web site for promoting his listings. Each home is showcased with an individual photo galler y of professionally shot pictures of the interior and exterior of your home. The features of your home will be promoted in detailed descriptions and specifications. Each home receives a custom ‘flash’ header welcoming viewers to your home. Unique internet addresses are created to give potential buyers direct access to your home listing website. In addition, we provide all the listing details as it is posted in Realtor. ca, where available we provide downloadable floorplans and surveys, interactive maps showing your home location, and as available interactive satellite images of your home. Once the colour brochure for you home is approved, an electronic version of it will be added to your home’s website for easy downloading by buyers.


Our appointment desk will call you to schedule appointments for agents who wish to show your home. If unable to reach you, they will leave a message advising you of the agent’s name and broker, along with the date and time they wish to access your home. Dependent on how you would like appointments to be handled, they will either release the lock box combination to the agent and ask that they knock before entering, or they will wait for confirmation from you that the date and time are convenient. While Michael can’t always be at every showing, he will make every effort to be present during these showings.

For showings it is expected that you have tidied the home, both inside and out, and it is usually best if you are not home while people are being escorted around your home. Often your presence will make potential buyers feel uncomfortable and not give them the opportunity to relax and feel the ambience of the home. Respect their need for privacy and allow about an hour for them to adequately review and discuss the house with their agents.

The ambiance of your home can be enhanced using lighting, music and fireplaces that are turned on. Michael’s experience in selling homes shows that a home with the correct “ambiance” helps the potential buyer relate more easily.

Lock Box

To make your home more accessible for showings, a lock box will be placed on your door or on your property. The lock box allows Michael to securely place a key to your home in a location that is accessible for other agents so that they may unlock the door to your home to show it while you are not there. The combination to the lock box is not generally available and will only be given to agents with qualified buyers. As necessary we will release the security codes for disarming alarm systems during the home showing as well.


When an offer is “registered”, Michael will contact you to make arrangements to present the offer to you. In the meantime, Michael will contact other agents who have recently shown your home, in addition to those specific agents with buyers interested in your home, to advise them of the offer and hopefully generate competing offers. This is the beginning of the negotiation process to sell your home. Michael will need to contact you for discussions and signatures to complete the process. This is a time sensitive period of negotiation and your availability is critical to successfully completing the deal.

Home Inspection

Most offers are written with conditions and a typical one is the Buyer having a home inspection done on your home, and obtaining a report satisfactory to him. This inspection is usually completed within five business days of the acceptance of the offer, and is arranged and paid for by the Buyer.

Home inspectors are bonded professionals looking for major problems and a typical inspection takes between two and four hours, depending on the size of the home. The Buyer and the Buyer’s Agent may also be present for the duration of the home inspection, and we recommend that you not be present. The inspector checks the roof, attic, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, windows, basement, structure, etc. The inspection is largely visual and will not cause any damage to your home. The Buyer obtains the report the same day and if there are any concerns or issues, their Agent will contact our office. Michael will let you know the outcome of the inspection as soon as possible.


Michael strives to make the very best out of your relationship with him, and one of the reasons he is ranked among the top sales Agents in your area is because of his commitment to you. One final thing he will do is ask that you complete an evaluation of his services. This feedback is critical and lets him know how he is doing and where he can improve. Please call our office once you have completed the evaluation so we may arrange to pick it up.

Garage Sale Signs

If you’re planning a garage sale in the near future, please give our office a call to reserve our complimentary garage sale signs. These may also be of use to friends or relatives. Other Sources Please visit our web site at www.MichaelParsons. com for a complete list of other services and/ or useful contacts you may require. Michael strives to consistently update his website to keep it leading edge with facebook/twitter and other social media sites.


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